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Can You See Nits In Blonde Hair?

In most hair, lice thrive because of their ability to blend in with the hair. They are also very tiny which makes their detection even more challenging. Lice eggs (nits) easily camouflage by taking on the color of the strands of hair on which they were laid. Generally, however, blonde hair is the easiest color in which to identify lice and their eggs (nits).

There are many ideas about what kind of hair lice like. Some believe that lice are drawn to dirty hair, or that they prefer the hair of specific nationalities over the hair of others. Because it is easier to spot lice in blonde hair, some people even believe that lice like blonde hair and are drawn to it more than to other hair colors. That is false reasoning. Head lice in blonde hair are no more prevalent than in hair of all other colors, so when it comes to hair that is blonde lice do not prefer one over the other. In fact, lice just like hair. While some hair types and grooming regimens help to repel lice, if you have hair on your head, you can get head lice – no matter what color your hair is.

What Do Lice Look Like In Blonde Hair?

As mentioned previously, it is easier to detect head lice and their lice eggs in blonde hair than in other hair colors. The reason for this is that lice is brown so the lighter background of blonde hair offers a greater contrast from the dark color of the bugs. Lice nits (eggs) are made up of translucent shells that encase a brown baby louse (singular form of lice). 

Again, when provided with the contrast of light hair, lice nits in blonde hair show up more prominently than when found on brown hair. You may feel like this puts you at a disadvantage if you or a family member you are responsible for has blonde hair, but this actually puts you at a greater advantage and increases your chances of getting rid of head lice more easily the first time. 

Consider this, because you are able to see these bugs and eggs more prominently than would be the case with other hair colors, you have an advantage because you will be able to detect lice eggs an earlier stage. This advantage enables you to eradicate a head lice case more easily because the earlier a case of head lice is discovered and treated, the easier it will be to get rid of them.

We strongly recommend that you use the NitNOT comb alongside our NitNot Eco Head Lice & Nit serum to combat head lice. Our hypoallergenic, pesticide and chemical-free treatment kills all lice and eggs without harming sensitive scalps, meaning you only need to concentrate on removing dead lice and eggs with the comb*.

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