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With long hair, tie the hair back in plaits or as a low pony tail in the nape of the neck – lice move from head to head by crawling over,so either hair or heads have to touch or make contact for them to be able to move over.
Sharing hair brushes is not a good idea as this is another way for head lice to move through the family quickly.
Check hair weekly and after sleepovers.
If using prevention sprays ensure they last for eight hours or more and provide clinical evidence to support their claims. There are many leading products that only last for four hours or have no clinical trials to back them up.
Essential oils can have severe side effects so only use if supplied by a professional.
Cutting hair short will not get rid of head lice but it may reduce the risk of catching them.

How to prevent head lice and nits in schools

If your child has head lice please inform the school and parents of close friends. This will ensure that if the lice have been passed on either to or from your child. They will not get them back again.
We have an excellent and effective school policy to control head lice and give both teachers and parent’s peace of mind. In addition, we have an easy to follow information leaflet for parents who have not dealt with head lice before. You are welcome to use and circulate it in your school or group.

There is no denying head lice are not pleasant but they are also the second most common thing that children pass to each other after the common cold – so there should be no embarrassment or shame, it just means that your child has friends they are close to!