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Top 5 Common Misconceptions on Head Lice—Busted!

girl with long hair scratching head

Humanity has endured pain from head lice for a very long time. Most people get nauseous when they think of head lice, although we don’t like to admit it. They conjure up images of filthy-haired individuals and unclean individuals in general. All parents are terrified about head lice because they are a terrible infestation that … Read more

What to Know about Head Lice Spreading and Being Contagious

woman scratching head

Head lice are small, parasitic insects that live on the human scalp. While they are not fully dangerous and don’t spread disease, they can truly be a nuisance. Most people know that head lice are contagious, but there are still some misconceptions about how they are spread and how contagious they are.  Here are some … Read more

What to Know About Head Lice Removal & Prevention for Curls


Curly locks can be quite the crowning glory for plenty of people. While curly locks can be beautiful, they can also be a bit of a hassle to deal with, especially when it comes to head lice. Head lice are quite a common problem for people with curly hair.  While they are not all too … Read more

Things You Must Know about Head Lice: How to Treat It

woman holding her hair

Head lice are a usual problem affecting children and anyone who spends time around them, such as family members. This pest can latch onto anyone’s head, whether the hair is clean or dirty. Head lice have been found worldwide and anyone can get it even how clean or dirty a place or person is. Although … Read more

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