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Why I started NitNOT

My name is Eileen Hutchinson, and NitNOT is a company I founded out of years of frustration and a personal disaster that turned into a mission to shake up an industry.

As a full-time working parent, my schedule was packed: working, chauffeuring, helping with homework, cooking, cleaning – all the usual things that make life so hectic…and then we got head lice and nits.

I tried everything I could to get rid of them. I tried dozens of ineffective treatments, but this army of insects relentlessly held their ground. It felt like a losing battle. No sooner had we thought we’d got rid of them, we’d find out, we hadn’t – and so the saga continued.

With a child suffering from eczema, whose skin would become irritated and inflamed by the branded treatments, I was shocked by the possible side-effects of many of the ingredients found in these “medications”. I researched natural products and what I assumed to be less harmful alternatives and was disappointed to discover many of these can also cause serious harm with potentially life-changing implications.

So I set myself on a mission to find an alternative – one that was safe AND actually worked. After three years of research, consultations and hands-on experience, I opened the NitNOT Head Lice Treatment Clinic, in Hertfordshire UK. When I opened the clinic and launched the product online the demand was huge! Parents clearly wanted a treatment that was 100% effective, whilst remaining safe (free from toxic and flammable chemicals) kind to skin, and good value for money.

I am proud to say NitNOT has realised my vision of being the first genuinely safe, effective and eco friendly dimethicone product and packaging head lice treatment available. Not only that, we have gone on to create an eco-friendly and ethical solution which will kill all head lice and eggs without any compromise to your families well being.

Knowing how much pain and stress I had to go through to get here, it delights me so much to get positive comments from customers who have finally had victory by using NitNOT products.