Ethical Green Science

Ethical Green Science

The Liquid contents of our NitNOT ECO Anti Head Lice Serum:

Our serum is a high viscosity liquid made of a mineral oil called Dimethicone. Dimethicone is one of the most widely used ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products including shampoos, make-up and moisturising creams.

Our Dimethicone is exceptional; unlike other dimethicone products, ours is 100% fossil-free. The primary raw material used to make our product is Quartz sand, and the method used in the production process uses energy from hydroelectric power sourced from natural waste materials such as straw or grass cuttings. Sustainable and Eco-friendly.

The NitNOT Anti Head Lice Serum bottle:

Our bottle is something called a Biopolymer and HDPE and PET material. Still, not all bottles made from this material are created equal,  they don’t all use renewable sources of production, and they are not all 100% recyclable. But with great joy to the NitNOT team; ours is!

Our bottle’s production uses ethanol from the waste of sugarcane as opposed to the conventional production process, which traditionally contains fossil-based raw materials such as oil or gas. The renewable sugar cane captures co2 from the atmosphere helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And unlike traditional biopolymers which you cannot recycle without causing damage to the recycling chain ours is 100% recyclable