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5 Ways to Prevent Head Lice Infestations on Your Kid

Head lice are tiny insects that live on the human head and feed on human blood. As a parent, you know that head lice are a constant worry. These small insects can cause a lot of misery for your child and you. It can be a common problem for children who share close quarters, such as in school or daycare. 

While head lice are not dangerous, they are a nuisance and can be difficult to eliminate. If your child has head lice, you may wonder how to get rid of them and prevent them from returning. 

Here are five ways to prevent head lice infestations on your kid:

1) Avoid Sharing Certain Items

Prevent head lice by teaching your kids to avoid sharing certain items with others. Things such as hats, brushes, combs, and towels can harbour head lice. If your child does share these items with someone else, be sure to disinfect them afterwards.

In addition, it’s important to keep your child’s hair clean and debris-free. Lice are attracted to dirty hair, so making sure your child’s hair is clean is an important step in preventing them from getting head lice in the first place.

2) Regularly Clean Things 

Another way you can help prevent head lice is by regularly cleaning things your child comes into contact with. This includes their bedding, clothing, and other items they frequently use. Wash these belongings in hot water and dry them on high heat to kill any head lice or eggs that may be present.

Make a habit of vacuuming regularly to remove any eggs or lice that may have fallen from the head onto furniture or carpets. Pay special attention to the spaces where your child spends a lot of time, such as their bed or favourite chair.

3) Have an Inspection Once a Week

It’s also smart to have a head lice inspection once a week to be on the safe side. By dedicating time to checking your kid’s head, you can catch any infestations early and treat them before they get out of hand.

To do a head lice inspection, simply comb through your child’s hair with a fine-toothed comb to look for any lice or eggs. If you find anything, be sure to remove it right away and treat the affected area according to the instructions above.

4) Look Out for Symptoms of Head Lice

There are a few different symptoms of head lice that you should be on the lookout for. First, your child may complain of itching or an uneasy feeling on their scalp. If you notice them scratching their head more than usual, it might signify that they have lice.

Another symptom to look out for is small red bumps on the scalp. The bites can cause these bumps that lice leave behind and can be very itchy and uncomfortable. Even without a thorough inspection, they should be apparent enough.

5) Use Head Lice Treatment to Get Better

There are a few different head lice treatments available. The most common home remedies like essential oils or vinegar may work, but there’s a higher chance that this may not be as effective. as you would hope it to be. 

Over-the-counter medications can also help, but they may have some side effects. Try to find a toxic-free and hypoallergenic treatment that can effectively remove the lice without harming your scalp.


Simply following these guidelines can prevent head lice from infesting your child’s hair with no effort. Following all these simple steps can help reduce the risk of your child getting a head lice infestation.

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