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Why we are different


We aim to revolutionise head lice treatments and transform unhealthy attitudes, bringing safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic solutions that genuinely work!
Helping to help protect our planet and children, and that’s why all procedures in our business take into account the environmental impact. We are proud to be the first-ever certified eco-friendly head lice, egg and nit treatment on the market. Leading the way with environmentally friendly packaging.
We also pick our suppliers and manufacturers carefully ensuring they adhere to ethical working conditions and fair pay for their workers, as well as eco production processes. And we do it all without compromising on the effectiveness of our products.


We have spent many years researching and consulting with leading scientists throughout Europe and America, and continue to do so. What sets us apart from other treatments; however, is that we have been using our products with 100% success in our NitNOT clinic, (not just in the lab) since opening our doors in 2017.


Head Nit-picker Eileen Hutchinson founded NitNOT after years of frustration and failures treating nits that turned into a mission to shake up the head lice industry with products that are safe AND actually work! NitNOT is the first genuinely safe, ethical and 100% effective head lice treatment available on the market.


Yes, hands up, it may sound like a rather odd obsession, but our team is passionate and 100% committed to combatting head lice issues, it’s all we do! You can rest assured that you are going to get the absolute best solution to head lice, eggs and nits.


NitNOT is super proud to be the only head lice treatment on the market to be endorsed by the British Association of Professional Nannies (BAPN).