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Things You Must Know about Head Lice: How to Treat It

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Head lice are a usual problem affecting children and anyone who spends time around them, such as family members. This pest can latch onto anyone’s head, whether the hair is clean or dirty. Head lice have been found worldwide and anyone can get it even how clean or dirty a place or person is. Although … Read more

How Are Head Lice Spread Among Children?

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Head lice can cause high levels of anxiety. Many myths surround how lice are spread, including the idea that lice can spontaneously generate from clothing, bedding, or personal items. However, most infestations are caused by simple head-to-head contact. Lice do not necessarily spread diseases during a normal infestation. Millions of children and adults infested by … Read more

Can Hair Dye Kill Head Lice?

There is no scientific evidence that bleach or hair dye can kill lice. However, evidence suggests they might work. However, they are unable to eradicate lice eggs, or nits. Most likely, other lice-removal methods will be more successful. Lice are small parasitic insects that feed off human hair. They are the most common insect vector … Read more

Can Dogs Catch Head Lice?

Head Lice or nits are small insects that feed mainly on blood. They can be found in human hair, at the base of the scalp and loose strands of hair. These tiny pests cause a great deal of discomfort in humans and dogs. While head lice are extremely common, there is still some debate about … Read more

Can Head Lice Live In Beards?

The ancient practice of keeping a beard has once again made its way back into society, with that comes the risk of head lice. A relatively unknown fact, but it is entirely possible for head lice to live in a long beard. Keeping head lice at bay is no easy feat, especially for those that … Read more

Treating Head Lice With Essential Oils: Yes or No?

Lice are tiny parasitic insects that can spread quickly and easily, especially when there is a large population of ‘hosts’…people. These lice feed on blood, causing intense itching and irritation. If left untreated, this condition can lead to secondary skin infections and even neurological complications. Head lice are highly resistant to many commonly used pesticides … Read more

4 Common Signs You Might Be Suffering from Head Lice

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Head lice are parasitic insects that get on your scalp and suck on your blood. And the thing about lice is that it’s easily spreadable. So you might be interacting with someone, and unbeknownst to you, you’ve already contracted their head lice. But how can you know for sure that you’re suffering from head lice? … Read more

Do I Have Nits or Am I Paranoid?

Do I Have Nits or Am I Paranoid

Head lice. Just hearing the topic makes most people immediately start scratching their heads. We don’t all have the knowledge or experience to know what is or isn’t head lice. This may lead you to the question: Do I have nits or am I paranoid? No one wants head lice, but for some, they represent … Read more

Can You See Nits In Blonde Hair?

Can You See Nits In Blonde Hair?

In most hair, lice thrive because of their ability to blend in with the hair. They are also very tiny which makes their detection even more challenging. Lice eggs (nits) easily camouflage by taking on the color of the strands of hair on which they were laid. Generally, however, blonde hair is the easiest color in which to … Read more

How To Get Rid of Nits?

How To Get Rid of Nits

What is a are head lice/nits?A nit, or an “egg case” as it’s sometimes called, looks like a small white pea with two black spots on its top end. It can be found at the base of your child’s human scalp where his/her hair grows out. The eggs look similar but they’re not quite so … Read more