About NitNOT

Learn about the company and clinic that helps people remove nits.

How to remove Nits?

If you are finding it hard to remove nits then NitNOT.com is the perfect place for you.

NitNOT is a head lice and egg removal service based in Hemel Hempstead. After helping countless parents with our nit removal service we decided to release our own amazing products to the public.  Therefore you can learn how to get rid of nits from the comfort of your own home.

At NitNOT our goal is very simple. We treat every client as an individual and we give our 100% guarantee that our product will kill head lice in just two treatments.


Head Lice Removal 

Eileen our founder and Head Nitpicker opened NitNOT IN 2017 after battling with head lice and nits in her own and families hair. She had tried all the products and all the combs. After  three years of research & consultations with entomologists like Ian Burgess and other leading scientists. Eileen set to work finding a product that actually does what it says on the bottle.

Head Lice Salon

The head lice salon is a new service in the UK. In the USA there are thousands of head lice salons offering a lice and nit removal service to busy families.

Treating head lice can take time and patience. Having a treatment service from NitNOT comes with a 100% guarantee that we will shutdown the live infestation. We us our licensed medical device comb and serum with a proven and established method for eliminating the live lice and eggs.

The stress and anxiety that comes with head lice should not be undermined. We have many clients that have been unsuccessfully trying for months and months to get rid of head lice. In addition to spending hundreds of pounds on chemical filled treatments that not only do not stop the head lice but can harm the skin on the scalp.

We offer a relaxed and friendly service and are happy to give advice on how to keep the dreaded little critters at bay. Visit our head lice removel clinic.