Because nobody wants

Head Lice or Nits


Head Lice Removal

Eco Head Lice Treatment


NitNOT serum is the only treatment to be endorsed by the BAPN (British Association of Professional Nannies.)

Eco Friendly

NitNOT Anti Head Lice Treatment is hypo-allergenic and free from toxic chemicals, fragrances & solvents.

100% Effective

Follow our easy instructions and you will be head lice free.

Nit Treatment Reviews

"Finally a product on the market that not only does what it says but is what is says on the packaging WELL DONE NITNOT "


"I am delighted to have found something that works. After 2 applications all gone, no little critters and with a third still left great value. This has been going on for ages and we have bought all the others and not one worked"


"This was amazing no nasty smells, easy to comb in, I washed out with Fairy as recommended, my daughter's hair is completely clear after the two applications and I cannot put into words the relief I feel being lice free!"