2 Person Bundle


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The NitNOT comb is the best comb to use for performing regular weekly checks for head lice, nits and eggs and treating an infestation.

 UNIQUE INTERCHANGEABLE comb method meaning you are in control of which comb you need to deal with your unique families needs.

 LARGE COMB: A SEARCH & REMOVE COMB for weekly checks. Removes head lice, nits and eggs from thick, curly and Afro hair with ease.

 SMALL COMB: A PRECISION COMB to remove stubborn white nits that other combs miss. Comfortable for young children, babies and those with fine hair.

 FASTER – at least three times more effective than the standard comb**

 COMFORTABLE for the comber and the person being checked because of perfectly designed dimensions of teeth.

 MORE EFFECTIVE than standard combs thanks to the closer spaced teeth*, which remove even minuscule nit shells.

 ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED handle with dimples enables you to check and tackle any issue more efficiently***

 FREE FROM SNAGGING AND SHREDDING combing experience leaving the hair in good condition without damage.

 GLIDES easily against the scalp even on short hair, ensuring every last nymph egg and tiny nit is found and removed with ease.

 ENDORSED by the BAPN (British Association of Professional Nannies) – as the best head lice treatment on the market.

 HYGIENIC combs can be removed from the main handle and cleaned at high temperatures.

 ANTIBACTERIAL qualities found in the copper teeth

 CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVED the NitNOT comb has been used and developed in our clinic by professional head lice technicians.

 LIFE-SIZE LICE CYCLE GUIDE included with the comb so you know exactly what to look for

 ETHICAL PACKAGING and made to last

*Our comb teeth are closer together than any other on the market. With gaps spaced at 0.1 mm apart, they can extract the smallest lice or egg. Other standard lice and nit removal combs have gaps of around 0.3mm, but nymphs (baby lice) and eggs can measure 0.2mm

**This is due to there being over 300% extra high precision teeth.

***It has been scientifically proven that a 16-degree angle (the angle of the NitNOT comb) allows for 30% more efficient combing.


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2 Person Bundle

  KILLS ALL head lice, eggs and super lice without damaging the scalp.
  100% non-toxic, hypoallergenic*
 ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY without compromise on performance.
 EXCELLENT VALUE: Comes in an eco-friendly 200ml easy applicator bottle – cost-effective as one bottle is more than enough to treat the whole family!**
 SAFE head lice treatment serum which has no side effects, contains no harmful chemicals, fragrances or solvents and is the perfect head lice treatment for children.
 KIND on sensitive skin* and sits on the surface, not absorbed by the skin*
 PROFESSIONAL GRADE FORMULA: This treatment has been used within our UK head lice removal centre with a 100% success rate.
 ENDORSED by the BAPN (British Association of Professional Nannies)– as the best head lice treatment on the market.
 ETHICAL and 100% recyclable packaging.

*scientifically proven to be hypoallergenic and NOT absorbed by the skin.

**Based on an average-sized family

Product Details

NitNOT Eco head lice treatment serum is a 100% dimethicone (mineral oil) solution that kills head lice, super lice and eggs, safely and effectively.

It is hypoallergenic and free from perfumes and harmful additives. It works on all stages of head lice as it stops the lice from releasing its bodily fluids, causing almost instant death, it also prevents the eggs from developing.

The shape of the nozzle allows for quick and easy application, and easy-to-follow video instructions which you can view here...

Not only is NitNOT certified by the government's Medical and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), but it's also the only lice treatment that has been endorsed by The British Association of Professional Nannies. (BAPN)

NitNOT is also the only Eco-friendly certified lice treatment on the market.


Prepare the hair

Ensure that there are no tangles in the hair before treating. On longer hair comb the treatment with a standard comb to avoid tangles.

Top Tip

Don’t Worry

If scalp still itches for a few days after treatment; it is the saliva in the louse bite that causes itchy skin, the pre-existing bites will take a few days to heal.


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