NitNOT featured in Modern Barber

Modern Barber contacted us as they need the help of a head lice expert. They required information about head lice and nits. They wanted to know do men and boys get head lice? The answer is yes everyone that has hair can get head lice.  Will barbers remove head lice? The answer is no, barbers will not remove head lice or nits.

Some facts we covered are: Female head lice can lay up to one hundred eggs in their lifetime. Head lice do not have wings so they cannot fly. Nits cannot jump. Head lice do not live on furniture or carpets. If you get head lice you do not need to boil all the bedding. If you find head lice it is a good idea to soak hairbrushes in hot water with washing up liquid over night. Hairbrushes can hold lice, do not share hairbrushes to eliminate the chance of cross-contamination. Otherwise the whole family will have head lice.

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