NitNot Featured in Families

NitNOT were asked by Families magazine as we are leading experts in head lice and nits. NitNOT head lice treatment clinic eradicate head lice and eggs every day. Removing head lice and eggs means no more head lice. But how do I keep head lice away?

Many mums ask about treating head lice and nits. We gave expert head lice information to Family Magazine. Head lice spread are spread most commonly at primary school age. But it is now common for teenagers to get head lice. Head lice are easily spread especially in long thick hair. The problem is head lice are difficult to detect in long thick hair. Teenagers tend to wash their own hair, so head lice can go unnoticed from months. When a head is covered in white nits it can be very upsetting for a teenager. Teenagers will lose confidence if they have a lot of nits in their hair as they will be worried what their friends will say. We have had many sad cases of children getting bullied because of head lice and nits.

Head lice like clean and dirty hair. Head lice are not a hygiene issue. Head lice are common in kids under sixteen. There is no shame in head lice. Society in the UK make mums embarrassed about nits and head lice. In some cases mum feel ashamed about nits and head lice. Teenagers are so worried they contact our clinic because they are to embarrassed to tell their parents they have head lice and nits.  Head lice will not just go away, Head lice will get worse if not treated.