NitNot endorsed by BAPN

NitNOT are proud to be associated with the BAPN. The British Association of Professional Nannies is an organisation that supports nannies worldwide. There organisation has hundreds of professional nannies that deal with head lice and nits. 

NitNOT head lice treatment is recommended by the BAPN as the go to product for treating head lice.  We are always available to give advice about how to treat head lice, eggs and nits in all types of hair.

  • Head lice in long thick hair
  • Head lice in thick curly hair
  • Head lice in fine long hair
  • How to remove nits from curly hair
  • How to remove nits from Afro hair

Head lice will lay nits in all types of hair and it is important to know what to do to remove lice and nits. To ensure your family are clear of all head lice, eggs and nits.

Trialled by BAPN